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JOEY SWEENEY (jsweeney@philadelphiaweekly.com)

Sun., Dec. 16, 9pm. $6. With the Vexers (ex-Mondo Crescendo/Lilys), Soundtrack (Ex Interpreters/the Series) + the Teeth. Khyber, 56 S. Second St. 215.238.5888

It's been hard to dig up much information on the Situation, but this much we have inferred: The band contains some remnants of Delaware's answer to Madchester, Schroeder. There is also an early, definable buzz attached to them due entirely to a series of gigs that reportedly combine an unabashed Stone Roses groove with simple folk-rock melody. And lastly, the CD single that's been floating around bearing their name is absolute fucking pop genius--if this was NME you were reading, there'd be a little tag above this that said "Single of the Week" and a picture of the band pouting just like Ride in 1988. But even in the cold light of the here and now, "The Best Prescription Pill Available" is a huge song, harnessing the hashy joys of, say, the La's with all the ache of Ryan Adams' sweeter pop moments. The two songs that remain play fast and loose with both Atlantic and Pacific bands of psychedelia, raspy, big and loaded with druggy portent. But when they're buoyed by a rolling, clean riff and pixie-dusted harmonica, the Situation do California dreamin' by way of Sloane Square: They're exciting, raw, friendly and in a way you can just intuit, completely mad for it.



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